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MAC Viva Glam- Gaga and Cyndi Style

“Viva Life, Viva Glam”- Cyndi Lauper

As many of you fellow MAC addicts know, MAC’s Viva Glam campaign donates full proceeds from the sale of Viva Glam lip products to HIV/AIDS research via the MAC AIDS fund.  It’s a fantastic program, an important reminder to the community of AIDS awareness.  Since the program’s inception in 1994, MAC has raised over $160 million for HIV/AIDS. Funds go directly to people affected by the disease, to medical research efforts, and awareness programs.  Each lipstick retails for $14, 100% going to the MAC AIDS fund.  PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THIS GREAT CAUSE! to the MAC site!

The two newest faces for Viva Glam are Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper; each iconic woman has a namesake lipstick in a color suited to her persona.  Gaga chose a blue toned milky pink, both reminiscent of the 80’s and a toned down homage to her original favorite MAC color, Pink Nouveau.  Cyndi’s color is a gorgeous muted coral red.  Both shades are Lustres (my fave!) and provide nice pigmentation and lots of shine.  They are both very wearable colors!  I’ve been on an ongoing hunt for my perfect pale pink and red, and these two are dead on.

LOVE these colors, and the ladies’ signatures on the packaging.

Thank you MAC! xx



Gaga, Cyndi

Viva Glam Gaga

Viva Glam Cyndi