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Summer Beach Waves

Perhaps inspired by the weather forecast for the next few days, and the fact that I was able to wear shorts today, I have a summer hair look for you tonight. 🙂

Yesterday I picked up the Revlon ceramic triple barrel waver at Target.  I have heard good things from the beauty community on this one, and I have to say that I’m also impressed!  It is on sale at Target right now for $16.99.  Typically the waver costs between $20-24 depending on retailer.

Revlon Triple Barrel Waver

I love how my hair looks with a little bit of a wave in it.  This would look great on long or short hair!  The waver is surprisingly easy to use.  First, make sure your hair is completely dry.  Spritz on a heat protectant, and section your hair.  I usually separate the top and bottom layers, and then split each area into 4 sections.  You will want to work with 2 inch sections to achieve a look similar to mine.

My Summer Beach Waves!

To style  it, I clipped a small section up and out of my face.  You could do the same, leave it all down, put it half up– it’d all look good!
Hope you like it!