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Summer Beach Waves

Perhaps inspired by the weather forecast for the next few days, and the fact that I was able to wear shorts today, I have a summer hair look for you tonight. 🙂

Yesterday I picked up the Revlon ceramic triple barrel waver at Target.  I have heard good things from the beauty community on this one, and I have to say that I’m also impressed!  It is on sale at Target right now for $16.99.  Typically the waver costs between $20-24 depending on retailer.

Revlon Triple Barrel Waver

I love how my hair looks with a little bit of a wave in it.  This would look great on long or short hair!  The waver is surprisingly easy to use.  First, make sure your hair is completely dry.  Spritz on a heat protectant, and section your hair.  I usually separate the top and bottom layers, and then split each area into 4 sections.  You will want to work with 2 inch sections to achieve a look similar to mine.

My Summer Beach Waves!

To style  it, I clipped a small section up and out of my face.  You could do the same, leave it all down, put it half up– it’d all look good!
Hope you like it!



LIBERTY of London by Target and MAC

LIBERTY’s of London, a department store known for their exquisite floral printed cottons, has collaborated with Target and MAC Cosmetics on two collections for spring.  I picked up a couple of eye shadows and a lipglass from MAC, and a two small storage bins and a teapot from Target.

The MAC collection is already nearly sold out many places, but I’d recommend trying Nordstrom or Macy’s (online or in person) to try and get around that.  I got a lipglass in English Accents and eye shadows in Bough Grey and Birds & Berries.  The lipglass reminds me of Gaga lipstick, in lipglass form.  It’s a bit darker and has more purple in it, but it’d be gorgeous on top of that.  Bough Grey is my favorite MAC shadow of the two– this is a really pretty light stormy grey that I can’t think of a dupe for.  It’s gorgeous in the crease, to smoke out any look.  I have also enjoyed pairing it with a pale pink on the lid.  Birds & Berries is a dark, shimmery teal blue veluxe pearl that also pairs nicely with Bough Grey (a satin finish).  I passed on the lipsticks in this collection as I knew they wouldn’t be ones I’d typically grab for, even though they are beautiful for a photo shoot.  This is some of the best packaging MAC has put out in a while, in my opinion.

Birds & Berries, English Accents, and Bough Grey

Bough Grey, Birds & Berries, English Accents

Target’s line has everything- quite literally.  From bicycles to gardening gloves, scarves to china, and dresses to stationary to name a handful of the items.  There were at least 5 or 6 different prints that many of the items were offered in.  (Probably more when considering the clothing options!)  I picked up a teapot for $12.99 that I originally thought was an online exclusive, but my Target had one lonely one left on the shelf, lucky me! Unfortunately, all of the $5 teacups have been sold out at two separate Targets the past few times I have looked for those.  But that is okay, I previously did not own a teapot (somehow) and I am excited at the prospect of making a pot of tea instead of a single serving cup. 🙂  It is china, and in a beautiful multicolored floral print.

My LIBERTY roundup!

I picked up two small storage bins in the same print.  Target calls these media storage, I think.  They are about as wide as a CD.  I put small electronics in one, and little random jewelery boxes in another.  They add a nice pop of floral to my office bookshelf!

Enjoy!  Check out these collaborations at your local Target and MAC!