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Lip Combo Of The Day

The other day I discovered a lip combo that I love, using a lipstick and gloss that I’ve had for quite some time.  I was going for something peachy.  I layered MAC Colour Crafted lipstick under Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in #147.

Colour Crafted is a frosted milky pink with a slight hint of a coral undertone.  Dior Addict #147 is a shimmery apricot hue.

Dior Addict #147, MAC Colour Crafted

Below are swatches, from the left: Colour Crafted, Dior #147, and finally the Dior gloss layered over the MAC lipstick.


And the final effect on my lips…

MAC/Dior Lip Combo

I am so pleased with the outcome– it’s gorgeous!

What are your favorite lip combos?