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Essie- The Art of Spring Collection

I had to share some of my favorite new nail polishes– the Essie Art of Spring Collection is amazingly gorgeous!  I first got Tart Deco with a pedicure, and fell in love.  Right now Ulta has a buy 2 get 1 free sale on Essie, and when combined with their coupons (check out the $5 off one in InStyle), you can get a pretty sweet deal on these polishes!  That is what I did. 🙂  Normally these are around $8 each.  But with the deal above you can get 3 for $11+ tax.  Nice!

As you might be able to tell, I am loving coral for spring in general– in blush, lipstick, etc. so Tart Deco is still a favorite of the six.  It applies nearly orange, more tangerine than melon.  Van D’Go is similar in the bottle, just a bit lighter and more salmon based.  After 2 coats are applied on the nails and it has a chance to oxidize, it looks closer to how Tart Deco does in the bottle, just a bit more towards a cantaloupe shade.  Today I tried out Neo Whimsical, which is a very unique hue.  It’s between a lilac and a pink, and is subtle yet probably unlike colors you might already own.

The collection includes (from left): Neo Whimsical, Lilacism, Pop Art Pink, Red Nouveau, Tart Deco, and Van D’Go.  How fun are these names?!

If you have to pick one or two, I’d recommend Van D’Go and Tart Deco.  These colors are so fun for spring and summer!

Here is a picture I just took of Neo Whimsical on my nails:

Neo Whimsical

Notice how it’s less grey than it appears in the promo photo!