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A Review: Chanel Rouge Coco

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. –Coco Chanel

This is going to be a Chanel themed week here on Style by Emma…two more posts a la Chanel coming soon… 🙂

Chanel’s latest permanent lipstick line is an homage to Coco herself.  Chanel launched the Rouge Coco range of lipsticks at the end of February, and I picked up #20, Rose Comete.  I’ve been loving this lipstick for the past month, and it deserves its own review.  The Rouge Cocos have a delightful formulation.  They are very creamy, pigmented, and smooth.  The packaging is classic Chanel, complete with glossy black tube, gold accents, and the interlocking white C’s.  Every little detail was considered in production, right down to the perfect “click” that the tube produces when closed.  Love it!

The color range could use more bright shades, in my opinion.  Naturally, I picked up the pinkest one I could find.  Rose Comete!

Another appreciated detail– the Chanel imprint on the lipstick itself!

Rose Comete is a pale pink leaning towards mauve, with tiny flecks of shimmer.  Chanel knows how to glitter it up properly…no chunks or palpable texture to be had!

Below are two photos of Rose Comete on my lips in natural sunlight:

Be happy that the Rouge Coco range is a permanent component of the Chanel lineup.  No need to rush out and snatch this one up– unless of course you are in love with pink lipstick, like me. 😉