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Lululemon Outfit of the Day

I wanted to share my new favorite shorts…they are (of course) by Lululemon Athletica.  Their name?  Groovy Run Shorts.  No, I didn’t make that up. 🙂 These shorts are perfect for the gym, and cute enough to wear out and about in the summer.  I posted a review of these on the Lulu website that should be up shortly as well.

The waistband is made of a stretchy fabric, and the lower portion is constructed of a lightweight quick dry fabric.  They are super comfortable, and fit so much better than the other athletic shorts I own.  There is even a little zippered pocket on the back of the waistband, perfect for your gym card or a key.  The print pictured is lagoon checkmate, which is no longer available, but I’m hoping that Lululemon stocks some new colors soon!

I tried to pull the front of my tank up a little so you could see part of the cool waistband.

And one more…




LIBERTY of London by Target and MAC

LIBERTY’s of London, a department store known for their exquisite floral printed cottons, has collaborated with Target and MAC Cosmetics on two collections for spring.  I picked up a couple of eye shadows and a lipglass from MAC, and a two small storage bins and a teapot from Target.

The MAC collection is already nearly sold out many places, but I’d recommend trying Nordstrom or Macy’s (online or in person) to try and get around that.  I got a lipglass in English Accents and eye shadows in Bough Grey and Birds & Berries.  The lipglass reminds me of Gaga lipstick, in lipglass form.  It’s a bit darker and has more purple in it, but it’d be gorgeous on top of that.  Bough Grey is my favorite MAC shadow of the two– this is a really pretty light stormy grey that I can’t think of a dupe for.  It’s gorgeous in the crease, to smoke out any look.  I have also enjoyed pairing it with a pale pink on the lid.  Birds & Berries is a dark, shimmery teal blue veluxe pearl that also pairs nicely with Bough Grey (a satin finish).  I passed on the lipsticks in this collection as I knew they wouldn’t be ones I’d typically grab for, even though they are beautiful for a photo shoot.  This is some of the best packaging MAC has put out in a while, in my opinion.

Birds & Berries, English Accents, and Bough Grey

Bough Grey, Birds & Berries, English Accents

Target’s line has everything- quite literally.  From bicycles to gardening gloves, scarves to china, and dresses to stationary to name a handful of the items.  There were at least 5 or 6 different prints that many of the items were offered in.  (Probably more when considering the clothing options!)  I picked up a teapot for $12.99 that I originally thought was an online exclusive, but my Target had one lonely one left on the shelf, lucky me! Unfortunately, all of the $5 teacups have been sold out at two separate Targets the past few times I have looked for those.  But that is okay, I previously did not own a teapot (somehow) and I am excited at the prospect of making a pot of tea instead of a single serving cup. 🙂  It is china, and in a beautiful multicolored floral print.

My LIBERTY roundup!

I picked up two small storage bins in the same print.  Target calls these media storage, I think.  They are about as wide as a CD.  I put small electronics in one, and little random jewelery boxes in another.  They add a nice pop of floral to my office bookshelf!

Enjoy!  Check out these collaborations at your local Target and MAC!