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We’re Moving…to a new domain!

Hi everyone!  Here with some exciting news!  Just wanted to let you know to update your bookmarks….

Our new address will be

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The Beginning

I decided to start this blog about a year ago. And now, on this third week of February 2010, we have post #1.  I love to write, so why not write publicly about my favorite hobbies. Brilliance.

Here is a breakdown:

1. The makeup obsession.  Truthfully, I’ve been in love with makeup since I was a little girl.  The glamour, the art, the COLORS! In my mind, I cataloged it all under face painting for adults. I loved the little kid version, and knew the big girl one would be right up my alley too.  Both of my parents are artists, so creativity was absolutely encouraged in our house.  I fell in love with art myself too (more in the sense of appreciation and creating on a hobby level).  Makeup is an excellent form of artistic expression.  I find that there is constant inspiration for me.  A good lipstick can perk you up, crazy good artistic eye looks can display a facet of your personality.  You can alter your canvas into anything you desire.  Pure art.  LOVE it!

Later I began to collect cosmetics, nail polish, and the like.  I started with quite a small collection.  You have to build from somewhere, right?  My favorites were brands like Clinique, Hard Candy (not the current Wal-Mart version, although that does intrigue me) and NARS.  Today my collection spans many brands, but MAC is now #1 in my heart.  But more on that later.  🙂

2.  Fashion.  Fashion baby.  I feel like breaking out singing Gaga, but I will spare you.  I enjoy creative fashion.  Overall, you could quantify me as classically preppy with a twist.  Kind of how J.Crew (ultimately preppy) has a very fresh spin on their collection, a whimsical mix of genres, not afraid to break the rules. Obviously I love J.Crew, so I do get a lot of inspiration from their fashion mantra.  It is effortless and classic.  But don’t be surprised if you see me in something completely contradictory.  I love couture (*only get to look at it, unfortunately).  I like to mix it up.  Outfits of they day, anyone?

3.  Lifestyle.  Recently, I have made it a point to prioritize leading an as-low-stress-life as possible, with plenty of exercise and yoga, healthy meals, and choosing who matters to me most (as Kelly Cutrone would say, you choose your tribe).  Cut away the excess (fat, drama, either or!) and you will be MUCH happier.  I promise.  Along this journey, I’ve completely fallen in love with Lululemon clothing.  Lulu is a fantastic company with the CUTEST and best made workout apparel I have ever worn. The construction is top-notch, the fabrics are a dream.  The company is all about leading a healthy, fun, low stress life too, so it’s fitting that I look at these as my power clothes.  Two favorites: Scoop Neck Tanks, Groove Crops.  I am starting to wear Lulu more around the house than jeans and tees.  And clearly for yoga and cardio too.  Expect some Lululemon outfits of the day!

So these are the three categories I will most likely fall into here on Style By Emma.  Stay tuned, follow me on the journey, and enjoy!

Signing off- aka bedtime- I am sitting up in bed typing next to sleeping boyfriend.  Time for me to stop distracting from the zz’s.