MAC Spring Colour Forecast: Colour 4 Quad

If you’re into neutral eye shadows like me, you should check out the Colour 4 quad from MAC’s Spring Colour Forecast collection.

This collection has four parts (aptly named Colours 1 through 4) each with a family of monochromatic shades . The general themes are:  Colour 1 = pink, 2 =coral, 3 = plum, and 4 = amber (golden neutral).  The collection was released in the US last month, and is currently still available on  *But FYI many items are selling out quickly, so don’t delay :-)! Two eyeshadow quads were released with the Spring Colour Forecast (the other one is purple based), marking the launch of the new eyeshadow quad packaging with magnetic closure.  The packaging is sleek, I personally love it.  One point, it appears that it’d be difficult to depot the shadows from this.  (But with the colors so nicely arranged, I have no interest in moving these to my 15 palette– love the lil quad for on the go!)

Formula-wise, Colour 4 has 2 veluxe pearl shadows and 2 frosts.  My favorite eyeshadow texture from MAC is VP; they have an almost creamy finish, and are full of gorgeous, buttery shimmer.  All four colors in this quad have rich pigmentation.  From the left, the colors are: (top row) Manila Paper (VP), Flip (F), (bottom row) Aztec Brick (VP) and Creole Beauty (F).

These colors will work beautifully on any skin tone, and will be especially vibrant paired with blue eyes (Aztec Brick swatches as a true copper- I love copper with the baby blues!).

(from bottom) Manila Paper, Flip

Aztec Brick, Creole Beauty


Manila Paper is perfect for the brow bone or inner corners, independent of the quad.  Flip is a a nice golden everyday lid color for me.  Aztec Brick I’d use on the lid or in the crease, and Creole Beauty in the crease or outer V.  I’ll post a couple of simple neutral looks soon!

Pick up this quad while you can– these limited edition shades will be your new favorite everyday staples in your collection!


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  1. I think I need a lesson!

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