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A Review: Chanel Rouge Coco

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. –Coco Chanel

This is going to be a Chanel themed week here on Style by Emma…two more posts a la Chanel coming soon… 🙂

Chanel’s latest permanent lipstick line is an homage to Coco herself.  Chanel launched the Rouge Coco range of lipsticks at the end of February, and I picked up #20, Rose Comete.  I’ve been loving this lipstick for the past month, and it deserves its own review.  The Rouge Cocos have a delightful formulation.  They are very creamy, pigmented, and smooth.  The packaging is classic Chanel, complete with glossy black tube, gold accents, and the interlocking white C’s.  Every little detail was considered in production, right down to the perfect “click” that the tube produces when closed.  Love it!

The color range could use more bright shades, in my opinion.  Naturally, I picked up the pinkest one I could find.  Rose Comete!

Another appreciated detail– the Chanel imprint on the lipstick itself!

Rose Comete is a pale pink leaning towards mauve, with tiny flecks of shimmer.  Chanel knows how to glitter it up properly…no chunks or palpable texture to be had!

Below are two photos of Rose Comete on my lips in natural sunlight:

Be happy that the Rouge Coco range is a permanent component of the Chanel lineup.  No need to rush out and snatch this one up– unless of course you are in love with pink lipstick, like me. 😉


Neon Nails? Yes Please!

Are you looking for a great crazy bright nail color?   If so, I strongly suggest that you check out “Purple Panic” by China Glaze.  It’s not quite pink… not quite purple… but definitely neon, with a slight blue pearl sheen.  I classify it as a chameleon color, as the polish takes on a different tone depending on the light.  Here are some pictures that I took in direct and natural sunlight.  I maintain that these images aren’t a true representation of the color– you need to see it in person!  There is more of a ‘WOW’ factor up close. 🙂

The formula is really nice; these pictures display 2 coats of Purple Panic, with OPI clear topcoat.  I think this would also look gorgeous with a glittery layer added on top!  You can find China Glaze at Ulta and Sally Beauty.



Lululemon Outfit of the Day

I wanted to share my new favorite shorts…they are (of course) by Lululemon Athletica.  Their name?  Groovy Run Shorts.  No, I didn’t make that up. 🙂 These shorts are perfect for the gym, and cute enough to wear out and about in the summer.  I posted a review of these on the Lulu website that should be up shortly as well.

The waistband is made of a stretchy fabric, and the lower portion is constructed of a lightweight quick dry fabric.  They are super comfortable, and fit so much better than the other athletic shorts I own.  There is even a little zippered pocket on the back of the waistband, perfect for your gym card or a key.  The print pictured is lagoon checkmate, which is no longer available, but I’m hoping that Lululemon stocks some new colors soon!

I tried to pull the front of my tank up a little so you could see part of the cool waistband.

And one more…



Upcoming Sephora Sale!

Hello beauties! Just a quick lil post today…

Sephora is having a 15% off makeup madness sale beginning tomorrow, April 8th.  If you hold one of their VIB cards, you will be able to save on your entire purchase through April 19th.  For those with the Beauty Insider card, the sale will occur April 12th through April 19th. ***If you shop in store, you will need the coupon that you receive in the mail/in your email, so don’t forget it!

A great time to restock on your collection staples, pick up a new fragrance, or try that Clarisonic!

PS- If you are not part of Sephora’s BI or VIB programs and you’d like to take advantage of this sale, sign up online and you should still be able to get the discount.  Online code for BI is BI15.  If you are already VIB (and this code will only work if you sign into your account), use VIBMADNESS.


Lip Combo Of The Day

The other day I discovered a lip combo that I love, using a lipstick and gloss that I’ve had for quite some time.  I was going for something peachy.  I layered MAC Colour Crafted lipstick under Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect in #147.

Colour Crafted is a frosted milky pink with a slight hint of a coral undertone.  Dior Addict #147 is a shimmery apricot hue.

Dior Addict #147, MAC Colour Crafted

Below are swatches, from the left: Colour Crafted, Dior #147, and finally the Dior gloss layered over the MAC lipstick.


And the final effect on my lips…

MAC/Dior Lip Combo

I am so pleased with the outcome– it’s gorgeous!

What are your favorite lip combos?


Emma’s March Favorites!

Hi Everyone!  I’m beginning a ‘monthly favorites’ series.  At the end of the current month (or first week of the ‘new’ month) I will dedicate a post to my most beloved products of the month.  These will be items that I used a bunch, new things that I fell in love with, and forgotten favorites.  I’ll talk mostly about beauty products, and add in clothing/whatever else grabbed my attention. 🙂  So without further ado…My March Favorites!

My March Beauty Faves

First I’ll touch on the face products.  This is a bit unexpected, but I have two NEW foundation routines.  Previously, I exclusively used Bare Minerals Matte– which I still like– but I’d go through those little sifter containers quite quickly!  Before the Matte came out, I used the original BE formula for a few years.  I decided to look into additional products because I wanted to try something with less of a pink undertone.  For light natural coverage, I have been using the MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Light, applied with the MAC 182 Kabuki brush.  The finish of MSF Natural is incredible– your skin is left very smooth and virtually flawless.  It’s a lot more natural looking than BE, in my opinion.  Coverage holds up for a full day, and does so without looking like it’s concealing anything.  The 182 brush is a good investment– it’s the best Kabuki I’ve ever used.  It’s made of super soft goat hair and buffs like no other.  These two are a winning combo.

MAC 182, MAC MSF Natural in Light, NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia

My other love, NARS Sheer Glow, deserves its own review.  Look out for that one soon!  It’s a wonderful liquid foundation, it offers light to medium coverage depending on application.  My shade is Siberia.  I used to be anti-liquid, but this one has ended my prejudice.  LOVE it!

EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit and Philosophy Amazing Grace firming body emulsion are two body hydration treats of the month. I received Amazing Grace as a beauty insider sample size gift from Sephora, and I definitely will buy the full size when this runs out.  Mine is 2 oz., the perfect size to throw in your bag.  It has a gorgeous delicate floral aroma and moisturizes really well.  To be honest, I have yet to meet a Philosophy product that I dislike.

Philosophy Amazing Grace, EOS Lip Balm

For blush, I am obsessed with the MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach.  I’m sure lots of you already have this, and it has been quite hyped, but this product is probably my number one favorite of the month.  It’s so beautiful, and just goes perfectly with my coloring.  I think that peach is very universal, and flatters pretty much every skin tone.   The compact is equally stunning, with a gradation of color in the pan from light apricot to a reddened peach.  There is a bit of shimmer, but not much– and the powder is very finely milled.  These are sold out most places, but if you are able to get your hands on one, please do so!

MAC Ripe Peach

In the same color family, another favorite is MAC lipstick in Fresh Salmon.  I’m really into coral and peach this season.  It’s so…fresh.  Not to steal the name of the lipstick.

MAC Fresh Salmon, MAC Ripe Peach, MAC Bough Grey e/s

MAC Fresh Salmon swatch

Also pictured is MAC Bough Grey eye shadow. I talked about this one a couple of weeks ago in my Liberty of London review.  To see a swatch and the original packaging, check out that post.  I ended up depotting the shadow in order to add it to my palette.

MAC Bough Grey

Also mentioned in a previous post, I am loving Essie polishes in Tart Deco and Van D’Go.  I discovered the Essie quick-e drying drops when I got a pedicure.  The bottle has a glass dropper, and you release 1-2 drops on top of each nail after the polish has been applied.  It works by binding with the varnish somehow and drying everything faster than anything I’ve tried before.  Unlike Seche Vite, this does not add a thick goop ridden layer to your manicure, a big plus. It feels kind of like a dry oil to the touch.  I picked mine up at Ulta.

Essie quick-e, Van D'Go, & Tart Deco

This next one is a bit out of season (maybe) but I love apple year round.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and this Bath & Body Works soap in Fresh Market Apple brings back happy memories of college. 🙂  Something about MA and apple picking perhaps? Regardless, I love it.  It lives in my bathroom.

BBW Fresh Market Apple

Doesn’t my backyard provide a fitting background?  Also, BBW had redone the formula on their anti-bac soaps, as well as the packaging.  A positive move on both accounts!

I wanted to include a couple of favorite clothing items as well.  I’m loving embellished tees.  This floral painted tee from J.Crew is so fun.  If you touch it, the texture is like someone took acrylic paint and went to town on a nice grey slub cotton canvas.  The fabric is bias cut and hangs nicely.  Next to the shirt is my new favorite braided leather belt from Anthropologie.  I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.  It’s constructed of brown leather complete with a circular buckle.  It was made in India.  I snagged it for nearly half off.

J.Crew painted tee, Anthropologie braided belt

And finally, we end with my favorite Lululemon tank of the month.  This is another one of my Scoop Neck Tanks in teal.  I keep going back to this color!

Lululemon Scoop Neck Tank

back of my teal Lulu tank

Hope you found a few things that you like!  Please share your favorites of last month in the comments below!